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On April 25 a major earthquake struck Nepal resulting in more than 8600 deaths and 18,000 injured.

 The earthquake seriously affected more than 12 districts and 8 million people.

Latest Report June 2015

Learn more about our progress in Nepal 

cerebral-palsy-hp-1Cerebral Palsy  Healthcare

Nearly 4000 CHILDREN have Cerebral Palsy in the state of Maharashtra and yet there is ONLY 1 SCHOOL CATERING FOR JUST 40 OF THESE CHILDREN

ACT TODAY – to help these children

Sewa UK have committed to build a new educational/ treatment centre:-

THE DIVYA TREATMENT CENTRE for Children with Cerebral Palsy

DONATE NOW and give these children the best chance of a bright future

 For more information – The Divya Treatment Centre

Divya School 

Read our latest reports.

Half way there – With your support we are expecting to complete the residential quarter in 2016.

original-c comparison to the previous facilities.

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