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On April 25 a major earthquake struck Nepal resulting in more than 8600 deaths and 18,000 injured.

 The earthquake seriously affected more than 12 districts and 8 million people.

Latest Report June 2015

Learn more about our progress in Nepal 

cerebral-palsy-hp-1Cerebral Palsy  Healthcare

Nearly 4000 INCIDENTS of Cerebral Palsy in the state of Maharashtra and ONLY 1 SCHOOL in the small village of Latur, which ONLY ACCOMMODATES 40 CHILDREN.

This is not right and unfair to those children suffering from Cerebral Palsy who are often neglected from mainstream education due to the lack of provisions and care required.

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Divya School 

Read our latest reports.

Half way there – With your support we are expecting to complete the residential quarter in 2016.

original-c comparison to the previous facilities.

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    A major earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 resulting in more than 8600 deaths and 18,000 injuries. The earthquake seriously…

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