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Disability: It's about ability

Since 2009, Sewa UK is...

  • Committed to supporting projects that cater for People With Disabilities (PWDs)
  • Following a disaster, establishing rehabilitation programmes by way of building infrastructure and services in the aftermath of such tragedies.

Forthcoming & Present Events

Our Current Projects

Divya School /

The new school will provide education facilities for 100 children with special needs.

Half way there – With your support we are expecting to complete the residential quarter in 2016.

original-c comparison to the previous facilities.

Cerebral Palsy / Healthcare

Coming Soon

Information on our latest project: A treatment center for children with Cerebral Palsy.

homepage-lineAbrar /

The distribution of ABRAR units from 07th Aug 2013 to 30 Nov 2014 has completed the first target of 200 beneficiaries.

‘ABRAR’ a pocket sized special device for visually challenged persons. ABRAR provides random access to any book or chapter, has voice prompts and the ability to record audio books in any language. Access to tracks is made easy by eight brail embossed buttons or through the voice prompt menu. Sewa UK has committed to provide 500 ABRAR units.

IMG-20141124-WA0010_cNorthern Floods / Rehabilitation

On advice from our contractors, Sewa UK has opted for a revised framework for the building. More information can be found on our appeal page.

The work is in progress, 17 columns have been laid. Facing considerable
problems due to hard rock but the team is confident that the constructors will overcome
this problem.

Our Past Appeals

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