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Nepal Earthquake Appeal

    Our Current Projects

    cerebral-palsy-hp-1Cerebral Palsy / Healthcare

    Information on our latest project: A treatment center for children with Cerebral Palsy.

    The Sanvedana cerebral Palsy Rehabilitaion Center was established on the 13th August 2006.

    Divya School /

    Read our latest reports.

    Half way there – With your support we are expecting to complete the residential quarter in 2016.

    original-c comparison to the previous facilities.

    Our Past Appeals

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    • Northern Flood (June 2014)

      Chhinka; A caved-in village [pdfjs-viewer…

    • Mount Kenya 2009 (September 2010)

      In August 2009, a group of 40+ from the UK tackled Mount Kenya. Funds currently…

    • Cerebral Palsy (July 2012)

      THE WORK OF THE SAMVEDANA REHABILITATION CENTRE Handicapped children are a great cause of concern…

    • Home2Rome (September 2010)

       An adventure, driving journey across Europe in a £100 car Facts Took place in September…